Glucose-6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency
Clinical Research Study of an Investigational Medication in Men with Glucose-6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency
Marlton, NJ
Up to $5350
Participation in this study includes 1 screening visit, 1 stay of 18 consecutive nights, plus 1 follow-up visit.
Age 18 - 55
Healthy Volunteers
PRA Health Sciences is conducting a study for men ages 18 to 55, who have been diagnosed with Glucose-6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency. Men who do not know if they have a G6PD deficiency may be tested if certain criteria are met. Qualified study participants may receive compensation up to $5,350 for time and travel. Even if you don’t qualify, you may receive up to $50 for referring a qualified participant. Click here to learn more or call PRA today at 844-772-7465.
What does the study involve?
  • 1 screening visit
  • 1 stay of 18 nights
  • 1 follow-up visit
Who can participate?
  • Male
  • Age 18 - 55
  • Diagnosis of G6PD
  • BMI: 18-35 (Total body weight greater than 110 pounds)
How much can I get paid?
The amount you can get paid varies by study and time involved. If you meet the requirements to participate in the clinical trial and are selected to enroll, the payment terms (how much and how often) will be explained to you during the consenting process. Payment is also based on whether you complete all visits and procedures in the study.
What is a clinical study?
Clinical studies (also called clinical trials or clinical research) are used to determine whether new drugs or treatments are both safe and effective. Carefully conducted clinical studies are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work – and they are only possible with the help of participants like you.
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Get in Touch
PRA Health Sciences 401 Route 73 North 30 Lake Center Executive Park Suite 100 Marlton, NJ 08058
(844) 772-7465 (844) 772-7465
Actual study participant
Lenexa, KS
“Enjoyed my stay and the staff are wonderful.”
Actual study participant
Lenexa, KS
“All employees were extremely courteous and helpful.”
Actual study participant
Lenexa, KS
“Wonderful staff. I am a newbie, but friendly and helpful staff eased the apprehensions.”
Actual study participant
Lenexa, KS
“PRA has an excellent staff from recruiters to medical staff, and a nice, clean facility.”
Actual study participant
Lenexa, KS
“It looks to me like PRA staff is courteous and very knowledgeable of the proceedings and well-being of every participant.”
Actual study participant
Lenexa, KS
“The staff at PRA is wonderful. Very professional and friendly.”
Actual study participant
Lenexa, KS
“Staff is friendly and professional.”
Frequently asked questions
Can I have visitors if I’m staying at the clinic?

In most cases, you can have visitors during approved visiting hours. Visitors must bring an ID.

Once I’ve completed a study, how much time must I wait before enrolling in a new study?

Depending on the study you participate in, you may have to wait 30 or more days to enroll again.

How long are the study visits?

Each study will have different requirements for the visits. Some may be as short as 30 minutes and some may be extended in house stays.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we provide door to door transportation to help get you to your study visits and back home safely.

Is smoking allowed in studies?

Smoking is generally allowed, but some studies may have restrictions. You will learn about these restrictions during the screening visit.

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